North American Health Plans is a unique and innovative health plan that provides comprehensive coverage at 30% to 50% less than traditional Obamacare plans and the freedom to see any doctor, any hospital, anywhere.  NAHP is provided exclusively by North American Life Plans, a national independent insurance marketing organization.  Together, NAHP and NALP provide agents and consumers solutions to the health care dilemma.


North American Health Plans (NAHP) offers a suite of best in class products that when combined provides the best solution for those seeking individual health coverage. It includes:

  • Fixed benefit health plan
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident protection
  • Disability
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Prescription Drug coverage
No other health plan can be customized to provide the coverage you want at a price you can afford and satisfies the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

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