Don’t take our word for it! Read below to see what some of our agents have to say about working with NALP.

“It is rare for an organization to offer not only a full suite of highly competitive products to offer our clients, but also the right leadership to help take our business as agents to the next level.  I have had the privilege of working with North American life plans since September of 2016.  During this time, I have gotten to know the team as not only colleagues, but friends.  They have been the most accommodating team I have ever worked with and are constantly going the extra mile to support the agents and their business growth.  The company is always seeking new and innovative ways to provide systems, support and leading edge products, which has allowed both my business and my team’s business to continue to grow.  If you are an agent looking for the right marketing organization to align yourself with, I highly recommend North American Life Plans!”

-Valarie: Regional Sales Manager

“What sets NALP apart is their commitment to keeping agents informed with industry news, trends & arms us with innovative products, giving us the edge over our competitors. The team takes time to develop rapport & never makes me feel like I’ve asked too many questions. I will never forget the day I made a huge newbie mistake & thought it was the end of the world for me. I was astounded when Joel called me, close to 9pm (his time) to assure me everything will work out & that we would figure out the solution together. WOW, I am pretty sure no other FMO would have done that! I was able to sleep that night, knowing NALP has my back & the next day, my mistake was resolved!”

-Malia: Broker Agent

“I was first introduced to NALP over 3 years ago and thoroughly enjoy working with them. I have the utmost respect, admiration and confidence in Andy, Joel, Tammy, and Gene. Andy Dastur invited me to a meeting at the home office in Frisco. He spoke about the NALP opportunity both, short and long term. NALP offers many areas to excel in such as, Medicare, life insurance, disability, and annuities. The ability to get appointed by quality carriers and offer various products was very appealing to me. Andy was very upfront about what he and NALP would expect from agents, but also what agents could expect from them. Andy always follows through on his word. It is very important to me to work with someone that I trust and I have confidence in Andy as a leader. The ongoing training and communication is excellent. Andy is extremely knowledgeable, relatable, and genuinely cares about the development of agents. I feel fortunate to be part of NALP and I believe the growth for this company, and myself- is unlimited. Tammy Gendics has always made sure that I have my carrier appointments, answered any of my carrier website questions, and resolved any contracting issues. She also makes sure I have training and product information. Tammy helps resolve commission issues and anything else an agent may need assistance with, she gets it done.  Her patience is extraordinary, her encouragement sincere, and her professionalism exceeds expectations. NALP, as well as all of the agents, are lucky to have her. Gene Woznicki is always upbeat and positive. His excitement concerning the growth of the company is contagious. It is always great to see the founder talk about growth and advancement opportunity. NALP has been nothing but a positive experience for me and I look forward to continued opportunities with this company!”

-Kevin: Advisor Agent

“Three years ago I joined NALP after spending the prior 5 years as a financial advisor for a large company. Andy told me I would love being independent and they would offer the support and training I needed to succeed. I have never looked back. Andy, Tammy, Gene, Joel and the rest of the staff have provided support, encouragement, professional growth opportunities, marketing tools and the training that allowed me to jump start my book of business in a very short time. Their level of professionalism and teamwork is unsurpassed. From contracting with carriers to getting responses to questions, resolving issues and follow through they are top notch.They somehow manage to stay ahead of the changes in our constantly evolving industry. I’ve learned so much from the entire staff. Everyone is treated with respect and they are constantly coming up with innovative ways to increase our business. I’m grateful to be part of this team as they continue their phenomenal growth!”

-Lynne: Advisor Agent