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Fixed Benefit Health Plans

If you’re looking for individual health coverage, you’ve come to the right place. At NAHP, we’re proud to offer a suite of products including alternative health plans for individuals and families. Among them are fixed benefit health plans, which, unlike ACA/Obamacare plans, have NO open enrollment periods. That means you can sign up during any time of the year!

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Key Features

How Do Fixed Benefit Plans Work?

Traditional major medical plans, like what is available under the ACA, often have high annual deductibles and coinsurance that you must pay before the insurance kicks in. Fixed Benefit plans are different. Many of our plans have NO deductible and others have deductibles that only apply to inpatient hospital stays.

More Good Things

When you enroll in one of our Fixed Benefit plans, you get the freedom and flexibility to see any healthcare provider without penalty. However, you are also able to receive pre-negotiated discounts by going to providers in the PPO network—nationwide. It’s up to you!

Fixed Benefit plans are permanent. Once you’re approved, you can keep your plan up to age 65. No need to re-apply or re-qualify to keep the same policy.

Fixed Benefit Plan Companies

We work with reputable companies to provide the highest coverage of Fixed Benefit Plans available in the United States. Everyone’s situation is different. By combining Fixed Benefits with Short-Term Medical plans and supplemental health plans, we have formed a comprehensive alternative package to meet every client’s health needs and budget.